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On Equality vs. Equity

I used to think that we should all be rewarded equally for equal effort. I don't believe that anymore. Some of us are simply more favoured by fortune than others who are less fortunate through no fault of their own. What we need is equity.

There is randomness in the universe. We, who have the advantage in various ways, do need to extend a hand to the disadvantaged. I am still learning that and continue to learn....

Warren Buffet said "The moment I was born, I already won the lottery." He recognised that he already was ahead given the circumstances he was born into. He knows that others are not as lucky and therefore needs support. He has no issues therefore giving away his wealth as one of the biggest philanthropists alive.

I think there is something misplaced around the belief that we are successful due to our own hard work, grit and persistence alone. We have this misplaced notion that people with less lot in place simply don't work hard enough. Reality is, a person born in the slums can bust his ass off, with far more grit than someone born in a gated community -- and come nowhere as close in their progress in life.

We sometimes forget, a lot of people helped us along the way. And a little bit of luck.

Only when that sinks in do we realise that we need to actively help others and do our best to level the playing field. What use is success if those around us are no better in their lot in life when we have the privileged position to do something about it? 

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